Monday, October 28, 2013

Meeting Ms. Lanier

Its easy to be tempted to use our printers as a copy machine. It is much easier than printing 1 copy, walking down a long hallway or two, and then putting it in the copy machine. Only slight sarcasm intended, when you only have two minutes using a printer as copy machine can be a strong temptation.

Ms. Lanier can give you the convenience of a printer and the practicality of a copier. Once set up, feel free to print to it like a copier.  This post will take you step by step with setting up Ms. Lanier as your printer / copier.

1. Find the install printer icon on your Novell window and double click.

2.  Double click Schenk_LRC_Lanier_Q15. If you want to simply print / copy directly to Ms. Lanier in real time you are set. Make sure you promptly pick up your print job. The next few steps are for those who want to hold a print job until they can make it to the LRC.

3.  Click the Start Menu and go to Devices and Printers. You should see Ms. Lanier, right click on her and select printer preferences

4.  Make sure you have toggled Job type to hold print. Next select details.

5. After you click details choose self selected login (Not Windows Login) for User ID and put in your B #. When you visit you should see your document under Printer - Print Jobs. Look for you B # and print.

The more we can use the Lanier Printer the cheaper it is for us as a school.