Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tumble Books - Favorites and Playlist

I earlier wrote a post about Tumblebooks as Literacy Center, today I would like to highlight the Favorites and Playlist tabs I customized.

The TumbleBook account allows me to create Favorites and a Playlist. As a reminder Tumblebooks also has a small library of playlists on different topics.

The focus of both Favorites and the Playlist is Woodland Animals. The Favorites are a collection of non-fiction videos about various Woodland Animals. The Playlist is a collection of fiction books on Woodland Animals. 

I encourage you to explore the playlist. It does a good job at keeping the student experience contained. The biggest frustration with the netbooks is students venturing and needing assistance. The Playlist helps keep it a contained experience with student simply clicking next to the next book.  

Here is a screen shot of what you are looking for.