Monday, September 17, 2012

Teacher IPad Cart

The iPads in the teacher cart will look pretty similar to those in the classroom cart. The bottom row or panel, not entirely sure of the correct AppleSpeak, will have Chrome, Google Drive, Rover, and Brain Pop Jr.

The only additional app I have been putting on all the teacher iPads has been Math Board - Addition. Experiment with this, it is considered one of Apple's premier math apps.  The free app limits you to addition problems but the paid app is quite comprehensive.  This would be a good example of an app that would be worth investing in for a cart of iPads.

Most of the apps that we would add to the teacher iPads will be free apps. If there is free app or two that you would like to experiment with let me know, I will install them as part of the checkout process. My thinking is for at least the time being this is best done one iPad at a time.  Every other week I will send out a form like this through email where you can signup for an iPad checkout.

If you are a teacher who is unsure about how exactly to use an iPad in your classroom, here is my Letterman Top 10.

10. If you are doing observations or taking notes of students sign up for an Evernote account.   I use this for notes, interesting websites, to do lists etc. It allows me to add notes on one computer and access and edit it on all devices.

9. Use Educreations to model various strategies on how to solve a math problem. A student can then watch the video multiple times if s/he needs to.

8. In a small group of 3 or more play the Story Lines app.   One student comes up with title and passes the iPad, next student represents it in a drawing and passes the iPad, and the third labels it without seeing the initial title.

7. Get your Khan On.  Use the Khan Academy app and watch videos about math and science.

6. Use the Google Drive app to access and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms.

5.  If you are a third grade teacher have a student work on IXL.

4. Use Follett Reader and access all the eBooks we have at Schenk.

3. Go to the iPad section on Tumble Books.

2. Use Rover browser to access our flash based databases.

1. Snap, Crackle, Brain Pop. There is a Brain Pop Jr that lets you access most of the content from the iPad. USERNAME schenklab PASSWORD brainpop.